My Teaching


I’ve lived a life of musical expression and exploration. From trumpet solos in front of the high school band to playing sax in the Bob Kuban band at Busch stadium for 50,000 cardinal fans my life has always revolved around performing and learning about music.

Saxophone Lessons

I offer saxophone lessons for beginning levels up to playing professionally. I have coached kids, adults, seniors at all levels of achievement. I base my teaching on what YOU want to create musically. I have kids just learning at 10 years old, to college prep students at 17 all the way to seniors just playing for the love of it at all ages.

Flute Lessons

I’ve taught an adult education flute class for years at a local high school and flute especially is a pull out of the closet instrument for many many adults who had band experience. Its a wonderful way to keep experiencing music at any age.

Theory Lessons

I have coached students in understanding the whys of music. Why did the composer choose that note or that chord. Why does it work/make sense. And more importantly, why not write your own songs/music ?

Music appreciation

If you just love music and want to hear it through a different mindset this is a pool worth diving into. I’ve taken students through a history of their instruments tracing what musicians did 70 or more years ago on their instruments. Kind of like seeing an ancestry dot com on your instrument. or gaining a deeper understanding of why music was written a certain way. How the era a song was written is defined within the music.

Music and retirement

One of my biggest joys is getting a senior back into playing an instrument or even better, learning to play for the first time in their life. I have a wonderful student who was advised by her doc to start sax lessons based on what she needed medically for cardio and finger function. Music can add so much value and joy to the retired. life. I live it.


Sometimes you dont need a formal teacher to take you through a specific set of skills, You know what you want but need a coach to keep you on track with your goals.  I can do that.

When I start with a new student I always let the interests of the student drive the lesson. It’s all about setting and fulfilling YOUR goals. Having had great teachers myself and going to Berklee College of Music has given me a wealth of information to pass on and YOU’LL HAVE FUN. We focus on Tone, Time, Technique, Theory, Tunes and Transcribing.

Lessons are 60 dollars an hour or 30 a half hour. More if I drive to a lesson. If you have friends who you’d like to include in a lesson I’m glad to do group teaching for the same price. I have recording capabilities at my home and enjoy recording students as they progress and I also am happy to record and send an mp3 of any information covered in the lesson. That way you have access to the info forever.

Let’s Talk,
How can I help you?

Please contact me if you’d be interested in private or group lessons or coaching. Let me open the door for you to have a wonderful musical experience as you grow and walk your path.